Effective Data Protection Is A Lot Easier Than Data Recovery

No one wants to be in the scary and panic inducing circumstance of losing their data or having their hard drive fail on them. Resolving these issues and recovering your data can be both time consuming and costly depending on the reason for failure. Luckily, there are a few methods you can use to ensure data protection rather than having to deal with data recovery serviceswhich can be costly!

Back it up

Have a few back up methods and use them frequently. Copying your data to an external hard drive, SD card, USB flash drive, or using online methods like the cloud, will ensure that even if your computer crashes, all of your precious files can be found elsewhere. Windows also has a built in back up that you can use in wizard mode.

Protect Your Files

Make sure that you have anti-virus software installed and running properly. Anti-virus software is like a home security system except that it specializes in data protection. Getting a virus on your computer can usually be remedied by professionals, however, there is no guarantee that they will be able to recover any files that are destroyed or stolen.

Healthy Hard Drive

Running chkdsk on your windows computer will help to repair errors that are occurring in your hard drive. All hard drives will encounter errors and eventually fail over time. Keeping your hard drive healthy is important to increasing its longevity and ensuring data protection.

Pay attention to the environment your computer is in. Electronics need air circulation and ventilation to keep the dust and other debris out. Keeping your device in a drawer or cabinet and not allowing air flow will also cause your hard drive to run hot and possibly overheat. Do not make technology work harder than it has to.

Watch out for static. Especially in the winter months when the air is drier, static electricity can build up easily. If you notice yourself being shocked anytime you encounter metal, you need to ground yourself. Also, avoid setting electronics on top of each other as this increases the static charge and can damage different components of your computer or drive.

Set your laptop or PC to defragment on a weekly basis. Defragmenting is akin to unclogging a drain. Your hard drive will work much faster and efficiently without being overworked. Using power save mode will also increase the life of your hard drive because it takes a break when you do.

How to choose the best motherboard for your PC

Choosing the right motherboard for your computer could be a difficult task to some people who do not have the expertise. It may result to your computer working slow or breaking down after sometime. When choosing a motherboard to use, you should consider the following factors:

  • Compatibility with other computer components
  • Its reliability
  • Its strength when doing operations
  • Quality

Having a background about computers and its hardware could be an added advantage when choosing a mother board to avoid scum or buying the wrong motherboard after all. This article will help you know the ways you can pick the best motherboard for you PC.

Check the Compatibility of RAM

The motherboard you choose should be compatible with the Random Access Memory that your PC has already. There are 4 aspects to look at this:

Type of RAM

There are two types of RAM basically. The DDR3 which was older version and the most recent type DDR4 which is faster than the latter. A motherboard can only be able to support only one type of the RAM. Therefore, if your PC has the DDR4 RAM already, you’re supposed to choose a DDR4 motherboard only

RAM speed

The motherboards are only able to support a certain speed of installed RAM. If your RAM stick has a speed of 2133 MHz, you are supposed to pick a motherboard which supports the same speed.

RAM capacity

It is advisable to have a knowledge of the maximum RAM capacity your board can be able to operate with. Some motherboards can take up to 128 GB RAM capacity whereas some cannot be able to support a 32 RAM capacity. Therefore, know your RAM capacity to know the board to pick for your PC.

No. of RAM slots

Most boards have expandable RAM because they have additional RAM slots. Putting the number of slots in consideration can help you improve your computer speed and performance.

Type of motherboard

There are two types of motherboards in the market. The Intel based and the AMD boards. The Intel based motherboards can only work with the Intel central processing unit (CPU) while the AMD boards are only compatible to the AMD CPU. Before picking the board to take home, you are required to be knowing the type of CPU you have to avoid frustrations of picking the wrong type.

Form Factor

Here, you are required to check the size of your original motherboard. There are two common sizes in the market: Micro ATX and ATX. Micro ATX boards are usually smaller in size and have limited features e.g. slots. What you should know here is that, an ATX board cannot fit into Micro ATX case due to the difference in features and sizes and hence you should not make a mistake when buying the motherboard.

Choose the motherboard from the best brands

Over the years, there are some companies which have been very consistent in manufacturing motherboards. These companies are the best to choose from for a guarantee and quality purposes. Some of these manufacturers include Asus, AsRock, Gigabyte and MSI. Sticking to these manufacturers can help you get a long-lasting solution to your PC. However, it is not a guarantee that every motherboard that these manufacturers have is the best but through experience they are the better option to choose from.

Why you should disable your webcam

Many people have webcams on their computer. This will allow them to see friend and family members over the internet. A webcam is not as safe as most people would think. There are several reasons why you should disable your webcam and do it as soon as possible.


 It does not matter if the webcam is on or off. A hacker can gain access to it. This can watch a person in their home and even record them if they choose. A hacker can be spying and most people will not even know it. If the computer is in the bedroom a person can be see undressing and couples can be taped sharing intimate moments. These images can be saved and they can be uploaded to other sites. A person can be featured on unsavory internet sites and will not even know it.

Breach of Information

In addition to spying on people hackers can get a lot of information from the webcam. They can use this camera to have access to the information on the computer. They can use the webcam as a way in. This will allow them to the access bank accounts, passwords, and other sensitive information.

Other People

When a person is using their webcam for chat they never know who is on the other end of the camera. They may be able to see the person but they will know nothing about them. They do not know what a person will do with their image. This can be dangerous.

A webcam can invite a hacker into the home whether it is turned on or off. Even when the webcam is switched off a person can still be spying on people that do not even know it. So that they can collect video data and other personal information. There have been several studies and experiments done by government agencies to show how easy it is to view on a person when they do not know it. This is true for both internal and external webcams. This turns the webcam into both a security and a safety issue.

If a person is using an external webcam they should unplug it from the computer when it is not being used. This will prevent anyone from being able to spy. Turning the camera off is not enough. Hackers can still view people though the device. When a person wants to use the webcam again all they need to do is plug it back in.

If the webcam is internal a person can enter the control panel and click the webcam or camera option. They can then select lock or disable. This will prevent the webcam feature from being used and no one will be able to access the computer.

A very simple to disabling a webcam is to over it can. There are special covers that can be used. A person can also put a piece of black tape or even a piece of cloth over the webcam. If someone tries to access it they will not be able to see anything.

Webcam can be a way for people to stay in touch with friends and family . They can also be a way to invite hackers into the home. When a person is not using their webcam in order to stay safe they need to unplug it or find another way to stay in contact with loved ones such as the traditional photograph.

Is Virtualization Data Recovery Harder Than On In-House Servers?

As far as disaster recovery is concerned, server virtualization makes a lot of sense (and will save you loads of cents… and thousands of dollars). It presents interesting implications for recovering your data, including faster recovery times and immense cost reductions. When compared to in-house servers, you’d think that the physical servers have an advantage over virtualization data recovery. However, that couldn’t be further from the truth. While having your own servers allow instead of “renting” out a virtualization service might sound appealing, the latter has advantages over in-house in terms of virtualized yet secure cloud storage of all your files that can be accessed as long as you have Internet service available (which in the 21st century means it’s available practically everywhere to the point of being free in cafes and malls).

Effective and Dependable Disaster Recovery

  • Did you know that server virtualization improves recovery times? It’s able to do this by going digital and using the Internet versus dealing with traditional magnetic tape systems that take about two days for complete restoration. Those two days is a rough estimate or a rule of thumb as well, since the system restore can be affected by how much data is being restored and how large the system is. Meanwhile, virtualization data recovery allows you to take maintenance away from your storage worries.
  • Let the provider of your virtualized data storage system deal with the details. By virtualizing all your data instead of keeping it locally in hard disk drives (HDDs), CDs, DVDs, floppy disks, RAID subsystems, magnetic tapes, USB flash drives, and solid-state drives (SDDs), and more, you can send your files to the Internet or via the cloud so that they’re automatically backed up every time.All you need to do is access the Internet to secure those same files every time since they’ve become virtualized data.
  • Restoration from a system crash can now be cut down from 2 days to 4 hours or less. The reasons for this include the fact that it’s not really needed to rebuild operating systems, applications, or servers separately because they exist elsewhere and housed in such a way that even when one network goes down, other networks can still keep them existing and communication still flows freely. That’s the exact reason why the military helped build the Internet.
  • The Internet is made in such a way that even when certain parts of it are down, multiple other networks will keep its infrastructure afloat and accessible to anyone with an Internet connection. This makes regularly in-cloud backing up data and ensuring the constant flow of it possible. Your backup can be brought back online every time you lose them because of how the Internet is built (this is also how virtual private servers work, incidentally).

Can Scratched DVDs Be Repaired?

Digital video discs or digital versatile discs (DVDs) still exist today. They can still be found in game stores, DVD stores, and movie rental stores. They store data imprinted as bumps and pits on the disk’s polycarbonate plastic layer on a single sided or double sided face, which may have a single layer or double layers. Underneath the inner layers, there is a piece of aluminum to prevent the laser from going through the data. Over all the layers, there is a semi-reflective gold layer that permits the laser in the DVD reader to pass through and read through the data under it.


Now, for the question above: can scratched DVDs be repaired? The answer is �?it depends’. You have to assess the damage first if the scratch was very deep or if it was a very light one. If it was a very deep scratch that touches or goes through the aluminum layer, then sad to say, you can’t repair it anymore. The only thing you can do is have it replaced at the shop where you bought it and pay a certain fee for it. If the scratch was not too deep, then the data can still be retrieved with the varied methods listed below.

Buy Commercially Prepared DVD Scratch Fixers

There are items in the store which you can buy to fill in the scratches. There are various scratch fillers used on cars and scratch repair fluids originally made for compact discs (CDs) and DVDs. There are also products which contain melamine foam that could smooth out the scratches made on the surfaces of your aforementioned DVDs.

Use Anything With Oil

It is widely attested to by the people on the internet that products with oil (such as peanut butter, toothpaste, shoe and furniture polish, petroleum jelly, banana peels, lip balms, window and eyeglass cleaners) work wonders on the scratched DVDs. The good thing about oil-based products being used as scratch fixers is that they remain in the disc even after the disc is wiped clean.

If you don’t want to worry about future scratches on the DVD that you just repaired, it would be best to resort to backing up the data that was imprinted on the disc by either burning the data onto a new disc or making a copy of it on your desktop computer or laptop’s hard drives so that next time you would lend your DVD to other people, you won’t be paranoid about having them scratched and losing the data.

When You Hear A Clicking Hard Drive, Act Fast

Hard drives are one of the most important components on our computer because it could serve as the main storage of the different files we have. Because of that, it is surely ideal that you are going to take care of it and would be knowledgeable on the things need to be done in case you encounter a problem with it. There could be a number of problems to encounter and as soon as you heard a clicking sound from it, make sure that you will already take actions on the possible things you should do in order to fix it. That could be a warning sign for a bigger problem so you have to be aware of it.

Possible Reasons Behind the Clicking Sound

If you have a clicking hard drive, there could be different reasons behind it that you have to fully understand to become more prepared and easily get the right result you would like to have from it. Some of the possible reasons may include the following below:

  • There is a chance that your hard drive is not getting the needed power for it to work. This is important because your hard drive should have enough to power to spin up and easily let you use it accordingly.
  • The possible data cable connected to it is faulty or is not really capable of working with your hard drive.
  • The hard drive had already filed, could not be written and read by the computer.

What to Do About It?

When you are having a clicking hard drive, it is very important for you to be informed on the things you have to do about this. Not all would have enough knowledge on the possible steps they have to follow so you should get started as early as now. There would be simple things that you can consider which includes the following below:

  • Make sure to check your connection and know if it is working well on your end. You can spend a time to double check the wire that you are using to easily be more assured if the hard drive is getting the right and needed power for it.
  • There is also a chance that your hard drive is already full so it could be the right time for you to start cleaning on it or delete unnecessary files that are eating too much space inside of it.

What Backup Software Can And Cannot Do

At some point in their lives, everyone loses data. Tomorrow, your computer’s hard drive could fail (knock on wood). Your external hard disk drive full of backup data could fail as well since it’s also a hard drive with a limited shelf life after much usage. It’s also a possibility that ransomware (a new type of malware that holds your files hostage) could infect your computer or a virus or worm could delete everything. Thankfully, there are multiple ways to back up your computer, but there are limits to even the best backup software. Some of them could go about automatically saving files up on the cloud or through the Internet (they’re uploaded permanently there until you delete them or the service ends). Others approach this by reminding you to back up your files on a separate medium.

The Deal with Backups

  • It’s important for the non-tech-savvy or barely computer literate user to be aware of the “magic” behind backups so that they have a realistic take on what it’s capable or incapable of. Every backup method has its respective pros and cons. Traditional disk or disc backup has the disadvantage of the physical discs (whether it’s the outdated floppy disk or the soon-to-be-purged DVD and Blu-Ray disc) deteriorating over time and the tougher discs being too expensive for affordable backup. They can also be phased out or considered obsolete.
  • Software-based backup of your files by partition (that is, separating your hard drive into partitions and keeping all your installers and personal files in a separate partition) is also a viable solution. The downside to this is if it’s not only one partition that crashes or gets corrupted, then all your files will be lost anyway. This is still a handy technique when your hard drive is new and you wish to safeguard it from crashes from either partition you have.
  • Most operating systems like Windows have backup solutions. Some of them are for your programs (the Last Good Settings option) in case your computer crashes in error and you wish to use the last good settings when it was still working. They also have backup software solutions that are available for free download. Unfortunately, none of these programs are comparable to commercial solutions that even include software for recovering permanently deleted files that aren’t available in your Recycle Bin.
  • You should acquire propriety software that automatically backs up all your files so even if you forget, the program won’t. The downside to this is a slower computer as the software constantly backs up every update you make on your countless files, but at least you have backups to speak of! These solutions also come in cloud computing format so you can upload your files in the safety of the Internet (just like your cellphone videos and pictures).

How Is Data Stored On A Tablet?

Due to the advancement of technology, many types of machines and devices have emerged through recent years. Cellular phones from before now have colored screens and these devices have become more computer-like. There has been an emergence of a new type of devices. These devices can function and have features of both smartphones and computers. The size of these devices are bigger than the average cellphones and are smaller compared to the size of desktop computers. These devices are called tablet and they people can store data and files just like in computers.

Memory Storage of Tablets

Tablets are considered to be portable computers because people can carry it anywhere they want to due to their smaller size compared to regular desktop computers. These devices also function just like the computers that people have at home so that they can take their jobs with them anywhere. The great thing about tablets is that it also has internal storage just like computers. The only difference is that tablets can store fewer data compared to computers because tablets have a smaller internal storage area than desktop computers. The built-in storage of tablets ranges from 2GB up to 128 GB depending on the brand and specifications offered by the tablet. In some tablets, there are expansion slots where people can put memory cards to increase the storage space of the device where they can save tablet data.

Storing Data in Tablets

People can store any data that they want in their tablets. They can put applications and games to keep them entertained. They can also save files such as documents and pictures in their tablets so that they will be able to view and edit these files whenever and wherever they want to. People can store their tablet data either in the internal storage of their device or they can opt to save their files in the external data. The data stored in the tablet is organized by the device depending on the category the files belong to. The device separates the files into folders and puts the same files that have similarities in one folder. This way, it will be easier for the owner of the device to find and view his or her files. Erasing and deleting unnecessary files are also easier because of how the device has categorized the files. Owners can also organize and separate the files depending on their preferences.

Should You Have An In-House Expert For Business Data Recovery?

Around the world, there are traditional and modern businessmen. The traditional as always follow what they used to do in good old days. But for the modern type of businesses they follow what technology can supply them. They rely on how the computer age can help them, where almost everything, every bit of information they need is transferred and kept safe. But is it really safe from information theft or even loss during erroneous transfers caused by several factors? Remember always that it is needed to give a double security of the information gathered and deposited in the data bank.

Pocket data losses are caused by several factors that needed to be considered:

  • The loss is due to faulty operating system provided by an unauthorized dealer of such product
  • Mishandled calculation of accounts being saved manually by assigned persons, this is caused by human error
  • Malware and other viruses received from untrusted sites where information was taken

The data loss for mostly business information can be still be recovered and reallocated to free sectors of the disk drive through what is called a business data recovery primarily designed to restore data loss during the process of transfer from one location to the other including saving of the data.

It is of high importance for the business that they keep the records of transactions they get from other business as well. This to keep up the records of exchange of transactions between two business or multiple transactions from several other companies. The data they have may well mean if the business will be successful or will lead to thousands or even millions of revenue loss if the data is mishandled inappropriately. It is just ethical that they keep their vital information safe and sound. Safe from hackers or information theft over the website.

For that business who lost all the data, they needed or even a part of it. They need not despair because there is still a big chance of recovering information. The business data recovery function is used to do such operations to restore back or recover some or most the data that was lost during the process of transfer or saving of it. There are a lot of businesses who invest a lot on these kinds of systems for them to maintain a logical or sensible capacity of information they need to survive their business or even to lead it to its success with other companies.